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Leisure Park Langfort in Langenfeld, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Leisure Park Langfort in Langenfeld, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin


The classic for kids: Playgrounds offer loads of potential for various games and activities. All the extraordinary playgrounds can be found here: 

Adventure playground Hilden

Numerous "play stations" and an animal area

INFO: Richard-Wagner-Straße 101 | 40724 Hilden

Playmobile Hilden

Fun, games, sport and excitement with an educational element. (2–14 years, Tue & Thu, April-September)

INFO: Schwanenstraße 17 | 40721 Hilden | Tel. 02103-246552

Leisure park Langfort, Langenfeld

Playground with cableway, sports fields and generation garden. 

INFO: Langforter Straße/Parkplatz Stadtbad | 40764 Langenfeld

Adventure playground Monheim am Rhein

Playgound, gardens, workshops and much more with educational guidance (6–14 years)

INFO: Kapellenstraße | 40789 Monheim am Rhein | Tel. 02173-50728

Adventure playground Ratingen

Playground with silde, swing, cableway and creative activities (5–13 years)

INFO: Erfurter Straße 20 | 40880 Ratingen | Tel. 02102-5505560

Playground Sandbach, Ratingen

Large playground with climbing area, skatepark and a sports field (6–18 years)

INFO: Am Sandbach | 40880 Ratingen | www.stadt-ratingen.de

Leisure park Nordstadt, Velbert

Leisure park with game and sports staions

INFO: Höferstraße | 42551 Velbert | www.velbert.de

Playground Herminghauspark, Velbert

Lots of attractions for climbing and playing with addional water area in the summer

INFO: Am Herminghauspark | 42549 Velbert

Stadtgeschichtshaus Mettmann, © Stadt Mettmann/Villière, Lietzow
Stadtgeschichtshaus Mettmann, © Stadt Mettmann/Villière, Lietzow

City Rallyes

Discover neanderland's towns hands-on. Families and small groups can learn about both history and stories during the city rallyes.

City Rallye Mettmann

On the go through Mettmann: The information brochures (two versions available, only German) lead families through town with aliens, who hide little tasks on the tour.

INFO: Spielplatzpaten für Mettmann | 40822 Mettmann | Tel. 02104-8190182 | www.spielplatzpaten.com  

Children's rallye Ratingen

The informational flyer guides families through the historic town centre with Leon the Lion.

INFO: Stadt Ratingen | Amt für Kultur und Tourismus | Minoritenstraße 2-6 | 40878 Ratingen | Tel. 02102-5504104 | www.stadt-ratingen.de

BMX facility Heiligenhaus, © Stadt Heiligenhaus
BMX facility Heiligenhaus, © Stadt Heiligenhaus

Skating & BMX

For centuries the youth all arbound the world has been inspired by trend sports. In neanderland there are also various fun parks, skate parks and so forth.

BMX facility, Heiligenhaus

Track suited for practicing tricks on bikes

INFO: Dammweg (am PanoramaRadweg) | 42579 Heiligenhaus

Leisure centre in the forest, Mettmann

Skatepark, climbing wall, beach volleyball field und minigolf offer lots of possibilities 

INFO: Im Stadtwald | 40822 Mettmann | Tel. 02104-980423

Playground Sandbach, Ratingen

Large playground with climbing area, skatepark and a sports field (6–18 years)

INFO: Am Sandbach | 40880 Ratingen | www.stadt-ratingen.de

At the Blauer See (blue lake) in Ratingen
At the Blauer See (blue lake) in Ratingen, © Kreis Mettmann/ M. Chardin

Blauer See (blue lake), Ratingen

You’ll be dazzled by the number of activities available here: visit the animals in the fairytale zoo, hire a pedalo on the lake, enjoy plays on the natural outdoor stage and much more


Zum Blauen See | 40878 Ratingen | www.blauersee-ratingen.de

Bälleparadies (Lizenz: Creative Commons CC0)

Funky Town, Ratingen

FunkyTown is an indoor leisure park on about 4000 m² where children can play on trampolines, bouncing castles, giant slides, climbing tower, bumper cars and much more.


Am Rosenbaum 12 | 40882 Ratingen | Tel. 02102-3098020

Brettspiel (Lizenz: Creative Commons CC0)

Café im Dorf (Village Café), Haan

From September to July game evenings regularly take place in the beautifully located café.


Pastor-Vömel-Straße 20 | 42781 Haan | Tel. 02104-1436638

Farben für den Malzauber, © Diana Schalthöfer
Malzauber, © Diana Schalthöfer

Malzauber (Paiting Courses)

Little artist from five years onwards can express themselves with paint and brush. In this paiting course the emphasise is on the paiting process not on the result.


Diana Schalthöfer | Max-Ernst-Straße 4 | 40822 Mettmann
Tel. 02104-803202 | www.malzauber.com

Trampolino Hilden, Spiel- und Freizeitparadies für Kinder
© Trampolino Hilden

Trampolino Kids Playland, Hilden

Playland paradise with climbing frame, giant slide, wobbly mountain and much more – also suited for young children.


Kleinhülsen 17 | 40721 Hilden | Tel. 02103-95800

Bälleparadies (Lizenz: Creative Commons CC0)

Oki Doki Kinderland, Langenfeld

Many different playing scetions like a bouncy castle, trampolines, air hockey or a climbing facilities guarantee a day full of fun and action for all children.


Rheindorfer Straße 70–74 | 40764 Langenfeld | Tel. 02173-4994444 | www.okidoki-langenfeld.de

Gocarts Giebner © Roland Giebner
Gocarts Giebner © Roland Giebner

Gocart and Segway Rental, Monheim am Rhein

The tourist information near the historic town centre of Monheim am Rhein offers gocarts, bikes and a segway for rent. Also, you can order a picnic basket in advance and spend a nice day at the river Rhine.


Tourist Information Giebner | Am Vogelort | 40789 Monheim am Rhein | Mobile: 0172-2410332
www.gocarts-giebner.de | www.familienhofcafe.de

Rote Picknick-Decke mit Essen und Trinken (Lizenz: Creative Commons CC0)

Picnic basket rental Giebner, Monheim am Rhein

The tourist information near the historic centre offers a special picnicbasket service. You can choose between different types of picnicbaskets, such as “Family”, “For men” and “For lovers”. Prior bookingis required.


Tourist Information Giebner | Am Vogelort | 40789 Monheim am Rhein
Mobile: 0172-2410332 | www.familienhofcafe.dhttp://www.familien-hofcafe.de

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