Kultur für Kids

For the times when you're not in the mood for sports or playing – especially when the weather doesn't support outdoor activities – the best alternative is to take advantage of the cultural offerings that you can find in neanderland. Many of the museums and other pedagogic facilities have specialised programs for children of every age and background, where they can learn playfully and creatively about a wide array of topics.

Schüler bei der Pause vom Ausflug vor dem Neanderthal Museum
© Neanderthal Museum
Familienausflug mit Kindern im Deutschen Schloss- und Beschlägemuseum (Velbert)
Deutsches Schloss- und Beschlägemuseum, © Stadt Velbert
Ausstellung im Zeittunnel Wülfrath © Scheidsteger
Ausstellung im Zeittunnel Wülfrath © Scheidsteger

We recommend a visit of the following attractions and institutions, which are especially interesting for families:

  • Feuerwehrmuseum (Fire Brigade Museum), Heiligenhaus: 100 years of fire brigade history and old fire trucks on exhibition
  • Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum, Hilden: a children's artothek and children's art week with an introduction to various crafting techniques (3–18 years)
  • Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann: stone age workshops about topics such as cave painting, production of stone age knives, and the possibility to discover the exhibition interactively with the stone age action pack
  • Römisches Museum Haus Bürgel (Roman Museum), Monheim am Rhein: Archeological museum showing exhibits from the Roman era and insights into scientific work methods
  • LVR-Industriemuseum – Textilfabrik Cromford (Industrial Museum, Textile Factory Cromford), Ratingen: guided tour for families through the "1st factory" on the European continent with join-in experiences
  • Museum Ratingen – Art and Town History: individual workshops and guided tours of the temporary exhibitions, conducted in a age-appropriate manner (upon request)
  • Oberschlesisches Landesmuseum (Upper Silesian State Museum), Ratingen: age-appropriate guided tours and holiday courses about the history of Upper Silesia
  • Spielzeugmuseum im Trinsenturm (Toy Museum), Ratingen: a museum about childhood treasures on three floors
  • Deutsches Schloss- und Beschlägemuseum (German Museum of Locks and Fittings), Velbert: comprehensive insights into the history of securing and locking, age-appropriate tours upon request
  • Zeittunnel (Time Tunnel), Wülfrath: insight into 400 million years of geology and industrial history of potassium exploitation, as well as educational offers such as a geology hike or water experiments for the young and the old


The most vital information about the museums, including contact information and weblinks, are available on our dedicated museums page.

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