Tips for Excursions

Here you can find several tips for fun excursions in neanderland throughout the whole year. Let them serve as a source of inspiration for your own adventures in the region. The tips include cultural sights, tips for sporty outings, for couples, groups and the entire family. Click here to view some tips for winter excursions.

Fassade des Herrenhauses Cromford bei der ehemaligen Textilfabrik Cromford, heute LVR-Industriemuseum
Herrenhaus Cromford (Ratingen), © LVR-Industriemuseum

History of the Textile Industry and Relaxation in the Park in Ratingen

Morning: Excursion into the exciting history of textile production at the LVR Industrial Museum – Cromford Textile Factory, Ratingen. Walk through landmarked Poensgenpark at the museum, followed by a stroll through the historic centre of Ratingen with numerous restaurants.

Afternoon: Walk and play at Leisure Park Volkardey. An ecological trail informs you on flora and fauna around the lakes.

PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn, © Stadt Heiligenhaus
PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn, © Stadt Heiligenhaus

Cycle Tour from Heiligenhaus via Velbert, Wülfrath and back on the Panorama Cycle Track niederbergbahn

Morning: Start your tour in Heiligenhaus. Visit the distribution grounds and Museum Abtsküche. Carry on along the Panorama cycletrack to Velbert, visit the German Museum of Locks and Fittings there.

Afternoon: Proceed to Wülfrath. Numerous restaurants on the way. Visit the Time Tunnel in Wülfrath, right next to the cycle track. Cycle back along the former EUROGA cycle track to Heiligenhaus.

Wisente im Eiszeitlichen Wildgehege Neandertal, © Neanderthal Museum/B. Schnell
Neandertal, © Neanderthal Museum/B. Schnell

Family Excursion to the Neandertal, Mettmann

Morning: Visit the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann, which is dedicated to the way of life of primitive man, followed by a stop at one of the cosy restaurants close by.

Afternoon: Walk around the ice-age game reserve to spot tarpan wild horses, wisents, and aurochs.



Farm in the Windrath valley (© Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin)
Farm in the Windrath valley (© Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin)

Hiking from farm to farm on the neanderland STEIG

Morning: Velbert-Neviges is the starting point of this hike through the natural and romantic Windrath valley. It is easily accessible, also by public transport. Start your day with an architectural highlight: the Mariendom church in Velbert-Neviges. Hike on the neanderland STEIG towards Velbert-Nordrath.

Afternoon: Have a break at one of the farms along the way and enjoy regional products in a farm café. At the Bieker trout farm, you can catch your own fish for dinner or buy some delicious smoked fish to take home.

Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum (Hilden), © Michael Krambrock, Hilden 2012
Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum (Hilden), © Michael Krambrock, Hilden 2012

Excursion into Science, History and the Universe in Hilden, Erkrath and Haan

Morning: Visit to the Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum in Hilden, dedicated to the founder of scientific surgery, a native of Hilden. A stroll through the shopping district of Hilden and stop at one of the many restaurants.


Afternoon: Drive to Haan-Gruiten and walk round the historic village with its century-old buildings. Drive to Erkrath and visit a presentation at the Stellarium Neanderhöhe observatory in Erkrath (prior reservation recommended as the presentations sell out quickly).

Römisches Museum Haus Bürgel (Monheim am Rhein), © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Römisches Museum Haus Bürgel (Monheim am Rhein), © Kreis Mettmann/ M. Chardin

Water skiing and Romans in Langenfeld and Monheim am Rhein

Morning: For sportspersons and daredevils a day at the Water Skiing Facility in Langenfeld is great fun. Those who prefer calmer fun visit the Roman Museum and the Biological Station of Haus Bürgel in Monheim am Rhein, where also horse carriage rides are offered.

Afternoon: Walk along the Rhine embankment in Monheim and refreshments at the restaurant MonBerg or a restaurant in the historic town centre.. The ‘Piwipper Böötchen’ (ferry), which operates on weekends and public holidays in summer, takes you to the other side of the Rhine.

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