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Pferde vor dem Haus Bürgel in Monheim am Rhein
© Stadt Monheim am Rhein

Haus Bürgel: Roman Fort and Biological Station, Urdenbacher Kämpe, Monheim am Rhein

The Roman Museum Haus Bürgel shows how the Romans lived by the Rhine. The biological station offers an extensive programme of excursions and events bringing children and adults close to nature. The horse ranch (bree-ding of cart horses) at house Bürgel organises carriage rides.

The nature reserve Urdenbacher Kämpe is one of the last non-diked meadow landscapes in the Lower Rheine plains. A high diversity of species arose from the frequent flooding. More than 200 animal species have been detected, among them plenty of different birds. Within the scope of a funded project new hiking trails with interactive elements are about to be constructed in the Urdenbacher Kämpe.


Roman Museum
Urdenbacher Weg | 40789 Monheim am Rhein | Tel. 02173-9518930
Museum open on Sundays and public holidays 2.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Biological Station
Urdenbacher Weg | 40789 Monheim am Rhein | Tel. 0211-9961212
www.biostation-d-me.de | Prior appointment necessary


Urdenbacher Kämpe und Baumberger Aue
www.natur-erleben-nrw.de | 40789 Monheim am Rhein

© Kreis Mettmann/Hutchins
© Kreis Mettmann/Hutchins

Riding for Children, Velbert and Haan

Many children would confirm that "the greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse". In neanderland, the saying comes true for children who like to spend their time with ponies and horses.

Pferdesport-Zentrum (Equestrian Sports Centre) Haan

Basic pony riding training, vaulting and holiday riding courses

INFO: Ellscheid 11 | 42781 Haan | Tel. 02129-54058

Reitstall Conrad (Riding Stable Conrad) – Gut Grund

Playful pony adventuring in groups: acrobatics, circus and basic riding training (4-6 years)

INFO: Heinhausen 5 | 42781 Haan | Tel. 02104-17580

Familien-Reitschule (Family Riding School)

Riding courses for children and holiday programmes (from 3 years)

INFO: Donnerstraße 64 | 42555 Velbert | Tel. 0163-7887160

Ice-age game reserve, © Neanderthal Museum/B. Schnell
Ice-age game reserve, © Neanderthal Museum/B. Schnell

Ice-age Game Reserve in the Neandertal

Watch wisents, tarpan wild horses and aurochs on a walk around the enclosure.


Thekhauser Quall 2 | 40699 Erkrath | Tel. 0173­-2817352 or 02104­-992821
Open any time

Exploring the forest © Astrid Walker
Exploring the forest © Astrid Walker

Waldpädagogik Walker, Mettmann

The certified forest teacher Astrid Walker offers you and your family direct experiences of nature with suggestions for discovering and observing with all your senses.


Astrid Walker | Dresdner Str. 13c | 40822 Mettmann 
Tel. 0160-92809849 | www.naturerfahrungs-angebote.de

Logo Urtour durch das Neandertal
"Urtour" through Neandertal, © Urtour/U. Stöcker

The Urtour – An Alternative Tour through the Neandertal

A tour through the beautiful landscape of the Neandertal, with special content for children.


Gut Bachelsberg | Diepensiepen 11 | 40822 Mettmann | Tel. 02104-5083195

Waldmuseum, Heiligenhaus © Stadt Heiligenhaus

The Environmental Education Centre (UBZ) in the Waldmuseum [Forest Museum], Heiligenhaus

The forest museum, which is part of the UBZ, is situated in the middle of the Vogelsangbachtal nature reserve. At the UBZ you can visit to the natural history collection with bird and animal exhibits, take forest tours, enjoy fun children’s birthday parties in the forest and go on discovery camps with forest warden Johannsen. Bookings need to be made in advance.


www.ubz-heiligenhaus.de | Tel. +49 (0)2056-5825300

[Translate to English:] © Birte Hauke
© Birte Hauke

Landschaftspark Rheinbogen with Nature adventure Trail, Monheim am Rhein

The Landschaftspark (landscape park) Rheinbogen is located at the foot of Monheim´s old town and has a total area of 340 hectares. Children may explore the nature on the nature adventure trail with special research-equipment which can be lend at the shop "Tante Tina". You can find more information on the Monheim Website. The Landscape parc is also perfect to romp around on the water playground and circle or hike the neanderland STEIG: the landscape park offers a vast area for families, nature lovers and active people. Tip: explore nature on wheels - go-carts, bicycles and more can be hired from the Tourist Information Center in Rheinbogen.




Am Vogelort ǀ 40789 Monheim am Rhein l Tel. 02173-276444



Nature conservation centre Bruchhausen, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Nature conservation centre Bruchhausen, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin

Bruchhausen Centre for Nature Conservation, Erkrath

The centre for nature conservation is an institution with several pedagogic offers in the field of environmental education. The integral nature reserve ‘Feuchtwiesen Bruchhausen/Schlakenhalde’ in Erkrath-Hochdahl belongs to the center of nature conservation. Excursions and events on the topic of nature conservation are offered for groups of children of different ages on prior appointment. Children’s birthdays in a natural environment can be organized. 


Bruchhauser Straße 47­-49 | 40699 Erkrath | Tel. 02104-­797989
Prior appointment necessary

Sternwarte Neanderhöhe (Erkrath-Hochdahl), © Kreis Mettmann
Sternwarte Neanderhöhe (Erkrath-Hochdahl), © Kreis Mettmann

Neanderhöhe Observatory and Planetarium, Erkrath-Hochdahl

Explore the starry sky with special telescopes at the observatory. The planetarium at Hochdahl community centre shows astronomic phenomena and pecularities for all ages.


Planetarium: Sedentaler Straße 105 | 40699 Erkrath | Tel. 02104-947666 Observatory: Sternwartenweg 1 | 40699 Erkrath | Tel. 02104-42248

Leisure Park Volkardey, Ratingen, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Leisure Park Volkardey, Ratingen, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin

Leisure Park Volkardey, Ratingen

Generously laid out park with lakes, walking trails and cycling tracks and an interesting ecological path. The Silbersee (silver lake) is a protected biotope and an excellent place for exploring nature.


Volkardeyer Straße 41 | 40880 Ratingen | Tel. 02102-­5504111

At the Blauer See (blue lake) in Ratingen
At the Blauer See (blue lake) in Ratingen, © Kreis Mettmann/ M. Chardin

Blauer See (blue lake), Ratingen

You’ll be dazzled by the number of activities available here: visit the animals in the fairytale zoo, hire a pedalo on the lake, enjoy plays on the natural outdoor stage and much more


Zum Blauen See | 40878 Ratingen | www.blauersee-ratingen.de

Logo Herminghauspark Velbert

Kükelhaus Trail in Herminghauspark, Velbert

The widely popular Herminghauspark hosts a 1.2 km long circular trail, on which you can train and develop your sense for nature along 11 stations.


Am Herminghauspark | 42549 Velbert 

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