Children's Birthdays

Nature conservation centre Bruchhausen, Erkrath
Nature conservation centre Bruchhausen, Erkrath
Fun on the farm, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Fun on the farm, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Kinder lernen auf dem Bauernhof mit Tieren, © Gut Hixholz, Velbert
© Bauernhof Gut Hixholz

Birthday with Nature and Animals

Children love animals – even more so when they can celebrate their birthdays with them and their friends. Exotic and domestic animal congratulants are looking forward to the party!

Naturschutzzentrum Bruchhausen (Nature Conservation Centre), Erkrath

Experience nature and animals and sit by the camp fire after an exciting day – choice of various topics for children's birthday parties

INFO: Bruchhauser Straße 47-49 | 40699 Erkrath | Tel. 02104-797989

Pferdesport-Zentrum (Equestrian Sports Centre) Haan

Enjoy nature on a ride with a traditional covered horse-wagon

INFO: Ellscheid 11 | 42781 Haan | Tel. 02129-54058

Reitstall (Riding stable) Conrad – Gut Grund, Haan

Celebrate with horses and ponies, rallye around the estate

INFO: Heinhausen 5 | 42781 Haan | Tel. 02104-17580

Forest museum and natural history collection, Heiligenhaus

Forester Hannes Johannsen makes a children's birthday in the forest an unforgettable experience.

INFO: Im Paradies 2 | 42579 Heiligenhaus | Tel. 02056-5825300 or 0177-2880139 | Prior appointment necessary

Gut Halfeshof, Mettmann

Tractor rallye, pony riding and more (from 4 years)

INFO: Diepensiepen 20 | 40822 Mettmann | Tel. 02104-509205

Exploring the Forest, Mettmann

Forest-Pirate treasure hunt, paper chase, bee-birthday and more.

INFO: Astrid Walker | Dresdner Str. 13c | 40822 Mettmann
Tel. 02104-957979 |  

Kutschfahrten Reuter, Monheim am Rhein

A ride through the attractive nature around Monheim on a covered horse-wagon

INFO: Urdenbacher Weg | 40789 Monheim am Rhein | Tel. 0211-7187965

Familien-Reitschule (Family riding school), Velbert

Choose from packages like „Shetty“ and „Haffi“

INFO: Familien-Reitschule Gut Dronsberg | Donnerstraße 64 | 42555 Velbert
Tel. 0163-7887160 |

Gut Hixholz, Velbert

Exciting birthday programmes on the farm (2-12 years)

INFO: Im Hau 7 | 42551 Velbert | Tel. 02051-252684

Farbige Hände nach dem Programm beim Malzauber, © Diana Schalthöfer
Malzauber, © Diana Schalthöfer
Colourful selfmade baskets in different shapes
Korbflechter Geburtstag© Elisabeth aus der Wiesche

Being Creative

With a little guidance, every child can be an artist. It's a great experience for the birthday child and their friends to create something with their own hands that they can take home, and to learn new techniques. Here's a collection of the nicest creative birthday parties in neanderland:

Maleisen (Painting), Mettmann

Painting fun with ancient painting technique and liquid beeswax

INFO: Barbara Lautenbach | Am Kämpchen 24 | 40822 Mettmann | Tel. 02104-2814508 |

Erzählwerkstatt (Storytelling Workshop), Mettmann

Language, play, music and  handicrafts give life to stories

INFO: Dagmar Grotendorst | Metzkausenerstr. 1 | 40822 Mettmann | Tel. 01577-3002058 |

Malzauber (Painting Magic), Mettmann

Little artist can choose between expressive painting and designing colourful magic stones

INFO: Diana Schalthöfer | Max-Ernst-Straße 4 | 40822 Mettmann | Tel. 02104-803202 |

Elisabeth's Nestchen Manufaktur, Haan

During this workshop kids will learn an old traditional craft under professional instruction. With the nature product rattan they will braid little baskets for different occasions. The form and colour of the baskets is individually adaptable. Every basket will be unique. After you make an appointment this event will easily take place at your house.

INFO: Elisabeth aus der Wiesche | info(at) | 

Leisure Park Langfort, Langenfeld, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Leisure Park Langfort, Langenfeld, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin

Playing, sports, and fun

Play imaginatively and frolick around with friends, add some nibbling treats, and there you have a birthday celebration that most children will love.

Funky Town, Ratingen

Celebrate under various mottos (from 3 years)

INFO: Am Rosenbaum 12 | 40882 Ratingen | Tel. 02102-3098020

Waldkletterpark (Forest Climbing Park), Velbert

Climbing through the treetops with orienteering and treasure hunt (from 4 years)

INFO: Hordtstraße 18 | 42555 Velbert | Tel. 0221-98256000

Magic Kart Hilden

Celebrate at the go-kart track with up to ten friends, driving training included

INFO: Hans-Sachs-Straße 17 | 40721 Hilden | Tel. 02103-360808

Trampolino, Hilden

Many possibilities to celebrate between climbing maze and jumping castle

INFO: Kleinhülsen 17 | 40721 Hilden | Tel. 02103-95800

Okidoki Kinderparadies, Langenfeld

Many play units and attractions provide a lot of fun

INFO: Rheindorfer Straße 70-74 | 40764 Langenfeld | Tel. 02173-4994444

Wasserskianlage (Water Skiing Facility) Langenfeld

A special children's birthday for sportive water lovers (10–14 years)

INFO: Baumberger Straße 44 | 40764 Langenfeld | Tel. 02173-3946222

Kindergeburtstag im Museum Cromford, © LVR-Industriemuseum Ratingen
Kindergeburtstag im Museum Cromford, © LVR-Industriemuseum Ratingen
Neandertaler Nase an Nase mit Mädchen beim Neanderthal Museum
© Neanderthal Museum

Children's birthday at the museum

Celebrating at the museum, the children can immerse into various topics and learn, for example, how parties were held 200 years ago, or how the Neanderthals hunted several thousand years ago.

Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann

Stone age birthday for little and big children (from 5 years)

INFO: Talstraße 300 | 40822 Mettmann | Tel. 02104-97970

LVR-Industriemuseum – Textilfabrik Cromford (Industrial museum), Ratingen

Programmes around life and work in the early industrial age (from 6 years)

INFO: Cromforder Allee 24 | 40878 Ratingen | Tel. 02234-9921555 (kulturinfo rheinland) |

Oberschlesisches Landesmuseum (Upper Silesian state museum), Ratingen

Explore the exhibition as a group of detectives

INFO: Bahnhofstraße 62 | 40883 Ratingen | Tel. 02102-9650

Deutsches Schloss- und Beschlägemuseum (German Museum of locks and fittings), Velbert (Closed until mid-2020)

Special programme for children with a lot to see and discover (from 6 years)

INFO: Forum Niederberg | Oststraße 20 | 42551 Velbert | Tel. 02051-262285

Niederbergisches Museum (Regional History Museum), Wülfrath

Guided tours, creative workshop and catering upon request (5–11 years)

INFO: Bergstraße 22 | 42489 Wülfrath | Tel. 02058-7826690

Zeittunnel (Time Tunnel), Wülfrath

Celebrate your birthday creatively under the mottos "Dino" or "Steinreich"

INFO: Hammerstein 5 | 42489 Wülfrath | Tel. 02058-894644

Luftaufnahme vom Heljensbad in Heiligenhaus
Heljensbad in Heiligenhaus, © Stadt Heiligenhaus
Allwetterbad Ratingen am Abend
Allwetterbad Ratingen, © Stadtwerke Ratingen

Birthday at the Swimming Pool

Some public baths in the neanderland have developed special offers for children's birthday parties, including sportive programmes and small surprises.

Heljensbad (Public Bath), Heiligenhaus

Birthday celebrations bookable every Saturday upon request

INFO: Selbecker Straße 12 | 42579 Heiligenhaus | Tel. 02056-922171

Hildorado Freizeitbad (Public Bath), Hilden

Free admission for the birthday child and an animation programme for children's groups

INFO: Grünstraße 2 | 40723 Hilden | Tel. 02103-795201

mona mare (Public Bath), Monheim am Rhein

Birthday party with animation programme and a special birthday meal

INFO: Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 2 | 40789 Monheim am Rhein
Tel. 02173-938793 |

Allwetterbad (All-weather Pool) Lintorf, Ratingen

Diving games, boat races, and a choice of children's meals

INFO: Jahnstraße 35 | 40885 Ratingen | Tel. 02102-485444

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