Kreis Mettmann
Der Landrat
Düsseldorfer Straße 26
40822 Mettmann

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Public interest body

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Landrat Thomas Hendele

Tel. 02104-99-0
Fax 02104-99-4444

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DE 121633442

Legal information

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Breaches of the copyright or ancillary copyright are punishable.

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General information

  • Where this website uses the male gender in its texts, this is done to simplify the use of tools by impaired persons and at the same time improve the flow of reading. We point out explicitly that this does not constitute discrimination of the female gender.
  • Mettmann district authority is interested in your opinion on this website: what did you like, what could we improve on, what did you not get along with, what did you not find? Please contact us at info(at)