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Here you find information about the event highlights in neanderland. In addition to regular events held in the district of Mettmann you can choose among the categories music, celebrations, exhibitions, theater, sports and family & kids.

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neanderland Event Calendar

Note Corona Virus: Due to the current situation, only a few events are listed. Whether and which events take place depends on the incidence in the District of Mettmann.

Click here to view the neanderland Event Calendar (German only). You will find a list of the events as well as further information about dates and places of the events.


Other events in neanderland are listed on NeanderTicket (external website).

Periodical event highlights

Das Plakat des Theaterfestivals neanderland BIENNALE 2021
Theaterfestival neanderland BIENNALE 2021

neanderland BIENNALE


The neanderland BIENNALE is a theatre festival with local connection to its district and is suitable for the entire family. It is taking place every odd year.

2021 the neanderland BIENNALE celebrates its 10th Anniversary. Due to the current Covid-19 situation the neanderland BIENNALE will take place after the summer holidays: 21st August to 10th September 2021. There will be various theatre plays, in many places open air and at special locations in the neanderland throughout all 10 cities of the district Mettmann. Presumably mid-June this year’s program will be launched which can be followed on (german only). The last neanderland BIENNALE took place in 2019 with the slogan “Theaterfestival10“ (“theatre festival10”).



Kreis Mettmann | Culture Department | Janina Felchner
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Wandern auf dem neanderland STEIG © Dominik Ketz/Kreis Mettmann
Wandern auf dem neanderland STEIG © Dominik Ketz/Kreis Mettmann

neanderland WANDERWOCHE - postponed

The neanderland WANDERWOCHE is a week-long hiking event which is held every two years around the neanderland STEIG. The program includes tours for ambitious hikers, walks for families with children and excursions for the elderly.

Due to the regulations concerning the Corona pandemic the neanderland WANDERWOCHE planned for May 2021 unfortunately didn't take place. It will probably take place in Sping 2022. You will find more information here and on the link below.


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neanderland MUSEUMSNACHT © Kreis Mettmann
neanderland MUSEUMSNACHT © Kreis Mettmann


The neanderland NIGHT OF THE MUSEUMs takes place on a regular basis. The neanderland museums are open all evening free of charge for all. There are nocturnal art activities, music, readings, great productions and exciting join-in activities.

The next neanderland NIGHT OF THE MUSEUMs will take place on 24th September 2021.


Kreis Mettmann | Culture Department | Veronika Weber | Tel. 02104-993013

Download: Program part 1 und Program part 2

Barrier tape with the inscription "entry prohibited" and a hand with brush
neanderland TATORTE © Kreis Mettmann

neanderland TATORTE


The neanderland TATORTE, which is held every even year, is an open day of artist’s studios in the district of Mettmann. Professional artists as well as committed autodidacts get the chance to show their workshops to the audience. The exhibited arts include painting, graphics, photography, sculptures, pottery and bookbindery.

The consequences of the Covid-19-Pandemic for the actors in the culture industry are alarming. To assist local artists of all kinds the “TATORTE” Homepage is now being used as a Crowdfunding platform (only available in german). Actors in the culture industry who reside in the Mettmann district can register for financial aid either for themselves or for explicit projects.


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neanderland ART © Kreis Mettmann

neanderland ART

Every two years, professional artists from the neanderland face a jury to present their latest works at the exhibition neanderland ART. In 2020 the neanderland ART could be seen from the 16th of August to the 27th of September at the Gewerbepark-Süd, Hofstraße 64, 40723 Hilden. The exact program for 2022 will be announced at this point.


Kreis Mettmann | Office for Culture and Tourism | Dr. Barbara Bußkamp | Tel. 02104-992029

neanderland CUP @ Kreis Mettmann
neanderland CUP @ Kreis Mettmann

neanderland CUP

The neanderland CUP has been launched in 2015. The competition consists of the traditional track racings of the local sports club in the cities of the neanderland, added up to a separate score. An additional registration is not necessary – it will be carried out by the local sports clubs. Experience the varied tracks in the beautiful areas of the neanderland. Ambitious runners will be rewarded with certificates and prizes. Please find more Information on the neanderland CUP here (German only).


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