Stadtgeschichtshaus Mettmann, © Stadt Mettmann/Villière, Lietzow
Stadtgeschichtshaus Mettmann, © Stadt Mettmann/Villière, Lietzow


The Neanderthal town of Mettmann is Surrounded by a green belt of idyllic hiking and walking trails. The world-famous Neanderthal Museum offers you an warm welcome. You can also see the historic upper town, enjoy a variety of cafés and restaurants, browse in charming shops or go to one of the charming festivals.


Stadt Mettmann
Stabsstelle Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadtmarketing
Neanderstr. 85
40822 Mettmann
Tel. 02104-980121 | Fax 02104-980714


Tourist information Schaufenster Mettmann
Mühlenstraße 17
40822 Mettmann
Mon 9 am–6 pm, Tue 9 am–5 pm, Wed 9 am–2 pm,
Thu 9 am–3.30 pm, Fri 9 am–2 pm