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Detour in Wülfrath - please note!

04.10.2021 - 08.10.2021 Please note that during this time the PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn in Wülfrath will be closed between Tönisheider Straße and Hammerstein. The street will be renovated. You will find detour signs at the closed section in order to drive around the building site. Here you find the detour note to download.

Logo PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn
Logo PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn
Höhenprofil des PanoramaRadwegs niederbergbahn
Höhenprofil des PanoramaRadwegs niederbergbahn


The starting point of the 40-kilometre cycling track is the Essen-Kettwig railway station, connecting seamlessly to the RuhrtalRadweg cycling track. Via Heiligenhaus, Velbert and Wülfrath the route leads all the way to Haan, where it encounters the connection to the Bergischer Panorama-Radweg cycling track in Solingen. The entire route is tarmacked and features a minimal slope thanks to the former railway line, which means it can be travelled in just over three hours. Its width of 3 metres enables pedestrians as well as people in wheelchairs or families with strollers to experience the mostly barrier-free route. The route is continuously marked in both directions with the “PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn” logo.

Routing at a glance:

Length: 35.5 km | duration 2h 55m | ascent 450 m | descent 340 m | lowest point 43 m | highest point 268 m | 100% asphalted, 60% railway line routes

For optimal navigation you can also download the GPX track: Download GPX track

An interactive height profile and routing information can be found under Outdooractive.

Waggonbrücke in Heiligenhaus, © Stadt Heiligenhaus
Waggonbrücke in Heiligenhaus, © Stadt Heiligenhaus

Highlights along the route

Numerous bridges and viaducts not only offer impressive views but also serve as striking evidence of the past 100 years of engineering craft. A sight worth seeing is the wagon bridge in Heiligenhaus, which is unique in Germany. Worthwhile trip destination around the area include the Mariendom cathedral in Velbert, the historical monument area Abtsküche, the Wülfrath Zeittunnel (time tunnel), the historic Gruiten village and the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann.

More information regarding:

You should plan a photo stop at the following bridges:

  • Ruhrstraße Nord bridge, access 88
  • Ruhrstraße Süd viaduct, access 84
  • Wagon bridge Heiligenhaus, access 77
  • Saubrücke bridge, access 67 
Biergarten in den Kutscherstuben, Wülfrath © Dominik Ketz/Kreis Mettmann
Biergarten in den Kutscherstuben, Wülfrath © Dominik Ketz/Kreis Mettmann


Numerous restaurants and cafés along the route invite travellers to take a break, be it for an extended meal with hearty cuisine or a short coffee break. There is a matching rest stop for any cycling type. You can find a list of many cafés and restaurants along the PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn on page 37 under “Tour planner, accommodation and gastronomy”.

CityClass Hotel Savoy, Haan
CityClass Hotel Savoy, Haa

Overnight stays


Why don’t you stay over night! Our bicycle-friendly hosts provide pleasant accommodation which can be booked for individual nights (subject to availability). They also provide rooms for keeping bicycles and drying rooms for clothes and equipment.



Renting and charging bicycles


With more than 10 charging and renting stations, the PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn features a wide network of service points. You can download a list of precise service point addresses as a PDF here [download list of charging and renting stations] (german only).




By bicycle, available connections are via the RuhrtalRadweg from Essen, the Nordbahntrasse from Wuppertal and the Korkenziehertrasse from Solingen. The route can easily be accessed via public transport from the railway stations Essen-Kettwig, Kettig-Stausee, Velbert-Neviges, Wülfrath-Aprath, Mettmann-Stadtwald, Mettmann-Neandertal, Haan-Gruiten and Wuppertal-Vohwinkel. Plan your arrival and departure conveniently with the Bicycle Route Planner NRW.



Viadukt Ruhrstraße Süd auf dem PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn © BSW/Patrik Gawandtka
Viadukt Ruhrstraße Süd auf dem PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn © BSW/Patrik Gawandtka

In the network of Bergische Panorama-Radwege – “einfach bergisch radeln”


Across regions, the PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn forms a link between the RuhrtalRadweg in Essen-Kettwig and the Korkenziehertrasse in Solingen, constituting a leg of the 220-kilometre Panorama-Radwegenetz. It is therefore part of the Bergische Panorama-Radwege Network “einfach bergisch radeln”. You can order an overview map of the network free of charge via our service. Sports and leisure enthusiasts can cycle from the Ruhr area to the neanderland all the way to the Sauerland.



PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn, © Stadt Heiligenhaus
PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn, © Stadt Heiligenhaus



The Niederbergbahn railway was constructed in the 1920s and connected the towns Oberdüssel – Wülfrath – Velbert – Heiligenhaus and Essen-Kettwig. Following several construction phases, the route was inaugurated in 1926. Due to its unprofitable nature, however, passenger traffic was discontinued as early as 1960. In 1996, goods traffic between Heiligenhaus and Velbert was also discontinued. Large parts of the former line fell into oblivion until a funding programme of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia helped turn it into an attractive cycling and hiking track stretching over more than 40 km.



Übersichtsflyer PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn
Übersichtsflyer PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn


Brochures and overview flyers about the PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn can be ordered and downloaded free of charge in the service area. Here you will also find information material on the Bergische Panorama-Radwege.

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