Bikers discover more! Cycling is one of the most popular leisure facilities in Germany. Explore the special charms of neanderland, ride on the wide network of cycle routes in the district of Mettmann, from city to city past rolling hills, green meadows and shady woods. Start on a tour of discovery to the attractions and cultural treasures of the region. A special highlight is the 40 km Panorama cycle track niederbergbahn between Haan and Essen-Kettwig. 

Cyclists in neanderland, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Cyclists in neanderland, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Brücke am PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn, © Stadt Heiligenhaus
PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn, © Stadt Heiligenhaus
Overview of the Panorama cycle track network in NRW
Overview of the Panorama cycle track network in NRW

PanoramaRadweg (Panorama Cycle Track) niederbergbahn

The Niederbergbahn was constructed in the 1920ies to link the cities of Oberdüssel – Wülfrath – Velbert – Heiligenhaus and Essen-Kettwig. Following several building phases, interrupted by World War I amongst other things, the line was opened in 1926. However, as it proved to be unprofitable, passenger traffic was abandoned in 1960. In 1996, goods traffic between Heiligenhaus and Velbert was also stopped. Large parts of the former line fell into oblivion until a support programme by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia helped to create a 40 km cycling and hiking track on the line.

Numerous bridges on the Panorama Cycle Track niederbergbahn provide spectacular views and are impressive testimonies to the engineering skills of the past 100 years. Logo PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahnHeiligenhaus features Germany’s only waggon bridge. Because of the beautiful landscape and the cultural attractions we also recommend side trips off the direct track. A unified layout and sign posting makes orientation easy even for non-locals. The Panorama Cycle Track niederbergbahn is connected with other cycle tracks and incorporated into the trans-regional network of Panorama Cycle Tracks.

A comprehensive brochure on the Panorama Cycle Track niederbergbahn with route descriptions, tips on sites and service information is available here, as well as practical downloads concerning the track. The new biking map can be found in our service section. The season's opening of the Panorama Cycle Track niederbergbahn will be celebrated on April 23rd, 2017. The program can be found here (German only).



neanderland / Kreis Mettmann
Düsseldorfer Str. 26 | 40822 Mettmann
Tel. 02104-991199 | Fax 02104-995049

Fahrrad vor Schloss Linnep (Ratingen), © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Schloss Linnep (Ratingen), © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin

Discover Ratingen by Bike

A wide network of cycle tracks links natural attractions in Ratingen and a great number of sights. A town map for cyclists which shows you the way to large wooded areas, the historic old town centre and a ring of attractive parts of the town is available at the tourist information office, the district authority and book shops. You can buy it at a price of € 9.80 including a cycling routes booklet and € 4.50 without the booklet. Photos with explanations point you to special points of interest along the way.


Ratingen | Tel. 02102-5504111

Kreis Mettmann | Tel. 02104-992484

Monheim am Rhein, © Kreis Mettmann
Monheim am Rhein, © Kreis Mettmann

Rheinradweg (Rhine Cycle Track) near Monheim am Rhein

The Rheinradweg links the neanderland with other parts of the Rhine track. An exciting section of the Rheinradweg takes you along the river bend of the Rhine in Monheim all the way to the picturesque old town centre


Rheinradweg | Tel. 02162-8179333

Monheim am Rhein | Tel. 02173-276444

Eine Familie radelt am PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn, © Stadt Velbert
PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn, © Stadt Velbert

The Panorama-Radwege Network – „einfach bergisch radeln!“

In the Bergisches Land you can also cycle relaxed on well-developed and low-slope cycle paths on former railway tracks. The network is about 300 km long, of which about 175 km lead over former railways. The cycle paths connect the Bergisches Land, the southern Ruhr area and the Sauerland. It is to close to the popular river bike routes along the Rhine, Ruhr and Sieg.


Logo Radroutenplaner NRW

Radroutenplaner NRW (Bicycle Route Planner)

The Bicylce Route Planner allows planning individual tours by selecting a start and a destination. The special thing about it is that the calculated route prefers dedicated bike paths and only adds other types of streets at the start or destination. The Bicylce Route Planner is available in five languages. Information on themed routes and points of interest in the neanderland is available, though in German only. An app for iPhone and android can be downloaded free of charge.


Bicycle Guide Books through the Bergisches Land

The region Bergisches Land comprises a dense network of bicycle routes. The guide books by bikeline (publisher Esterbauer) summarize the variety of available cycle paths. The bikeline guide book (1:50.000) in convient landscape format consists of many background information and describes the best tours along rivers and retired railway lines in the Bergisches Land (e.g. the cycle path PanoramaRadweg niederbergbahn). Additionally, popular routes and cycle paths around the cities Bergisch Gladbach, Gummersbach, Köln, Siegtal und Wuppertal (including the southern part of neanderland) are available in the bikeline bicycle map (1:75.000). The tear- and weatherproof maps are available in bookshops and online at the publisher Esterbauer. 



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