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„einfach bergisch radeln“ – out and about on former railway routes

The “Bergische Panorama-Radwege” network of panorama cycle tracks links Bergisches Land with the southern Ruhr Region and Sauerland. Included are the following: Bergischer Panorama-Radweg (132 km), Panorama Radweg niederbergbahn (40 km) and Panorama Radweg Balkantrasse (51 km). These panorama cycle tracks are marketed together according to the motto of "einfach bergisch radeln" [simply cycling “bergisch”]. Project partners are: District of Mettmann, District of Ennepe-Ruhr, Bergische Struktur- und Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH and Bergisches Land Tourismus Marketing e.V, the City of Leverkusen and the two Bergisches Land districts, represented by Naturarena Bergisches Land GmbH. The following was initiated via the cooperation: the motto "einfach bergisch radeln" – out and about on former railway routes - was approved, and a new design for all marketing products and new internet presence,, were implemented. Currently the most important product: the cycling map already presented at several tourist trade fairs; order this for free here (german only). A branch office has been set up to coordinate all activities.

The EFRE-project "Bergische Panorama-Radwege – Genussradeln auf ehemaligen Bahntrassen zwischen Ruhr, Rhein und Sieg" [cycling for pleasure on former railway routes between Ruhr, Rhein and Sieg] was funded from the European Union and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Produce from the farm, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin

TYPISCH neanderland

The project "TYPISCH neanderland" belonged from 2016 to 2019 the state initiative "Erlebnis.NRW - Tourismuswirtschaft stärken". The intention was the development and the implementation of a unified interregional marketing and distribution concept for regional products. This offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) an opportunity to enter the tourism market. A suitable marketing and distribution manual for the SMEs who are decorated with the distinction of a regional quality label is available. Since 2020 the EFRE-projekt "TYPISCH neanderland" continues in the tourism marketing of the neanderland without the fund of the European Union and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The focus stays in the tourism marketing of regional products, hosts and landscape experiences in the neanderland to increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in the district of Mettmann.


State-wide Tourism Innovation Workshop in neanderland

With the goal to increase quality and innovation capacity of tourism businesses, Tourismus NRW e. V. developed the project „Landesweite touristische Innovationswerkstatt“ (State-wide Tourism Innovation Workshop) in cooperation with neanderland and 10 other regional tourism organisations. In workshops, seminars, and coachings, tourism businesses could prepare themselves for upcoming trends and learn to develop innovative tourism products and services. Furthermore, there was sponsoring for networks of SMEs and local partners that helped securing the economic future of tourism businesses and their employees. The results and experiences of this project are made available to other businesses. Thus, in the long run, every company engaged in the tourism sector of Northrhine-Westfalia can profit from this knowledge transfer.

„Aktiv-Akademie Nordrhein-Westfalen“ in neanderland

The „Aktiv-Akademie Nordrhein-Westfalen“ is one of the winning projects of the EU-funded target2 project „Erlebnis.NRW“. In cooperation with the project management organisation Tourismus NRW e.V., Mettmann district as one of nine project partners aims to position and strengthen the neanderland and the tourist destination North Rhine-Westphalia as a region for active tourism.

The Aktiv-Akademie is to contribute to a better quality and the further development of offers and programmes in active tourism in order to become even more competitive. To achieve this, the Aktiv-Akademie has offered tourism service providers the opportunity to take part in reasonably priced seminars on quality, product development and the development of packages, marketing, E-fitness and others.

Click here for more information for tourism experts.

„Expeditions to neanderland – Destination marketing concept for the district of Mettmann“

From November 2011 until April 2015, the Team Tourismus has implemented the EU-funded target2 project „Expeditions to neanderland – Destination marketing concept for the district of Mettmann“ with the objective of raising the level of awareness of the label and thus of the region, positioning the label in the tourism market and increasing the sensibility for tourism and internal networking.

By developing a new marketing strategy, new product lines have been created in cooperation with the ten towns belonging to the district. Apart from active-tourism products such as hiking, cycling, sports and action, the neanderland also focuses on promoting museums and special offers for families and schools around the Neanderthal. As a central component of tourist marketing, the concept and contents of the neanderland’s internet presence have been substantially revised. In addition, a neanderland travel catalogue with integrated list of accommodation has been published (which you can download or order here). Another result of the EU-funded Project is a new logo and corporate design.