Discovery modules in neanderland

In neanderland you can choose from manifold options for group experiences. The traditional Bergische Kaffeetafel, outdoor programs on organic farms and interactive guided museum tours are just some examples for your experience in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. The operators will be happy to assist you with further questions.

Junge Menschen genießen die traditionelle Bergische Kaffeetafel, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Bergische Kaffeetafel, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin

Bergische Kaffeetafel (Coffee Time)

The traditional assortment of various sweet and hearty dishes like waffles, rice pudding, or dark bread, can be enjoyed at many places in neanderland (reservation required).



Kleine Schweiz, Velbert l Tel. 02053-622

Kutscherstuben, Wülfrath l Tel. 02058-7822809

Bistro Café am Markt, Mettmann  l Tel. 02104-24955

Café Bös, Ratingen l Tel. 02102-22238

Niederbergisches Museum
Bergstraße 22 | 42489 Wülfrath | Tel. 02058-7826690 

Gute Stube der Alten Bürgermeisterei
Mittelstraße 10 | 40822 Mettmann | Tel. 02104-13287 

Café im Dorf, Haan l 02104-1436638

Droste Café und Bäckerei, Ratingen l 02102-22238

Neanderland No. 1, Erkrath l 02104-8080080

Haus Sondermann, Velbert l Tel. 02053-5756



Biohof im Windrather Tal, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
Biohof im Windrather Tal, © Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin

Visits to farms and active outdoor programmes

The offers of the organic farms in neanderland are especially popular with families. Exciting outdoor activities with or without animals, in the farmhouse or in the meadows, in barn or indoor riding arenas are available all year round.


Gut Hixholz
Im Hau 7 | 42551 Velbert | Tel. 02051-252684

Gut Halfeshof
Diepensiepen 20 | 40822 Mettmann | Tel. 02104-509205

Kinder lernen Greifvögel kennen in der Wald-Forscher-Station am Zeittunnel Wülfrath
Wald-Forscher-Station Wülfrath, © Kreis Mettmann/Martina Chardin

Forest explorer station at the Time tunnel, Wülfrath

Forest pedagogue Uta Wittekind offers owl and raptorial bird hikes, wilderness training, wood carving, herb excursions, wood instrument crafting and more in her Forest explorer station. In addition, there are numerous offersfor children‘s birthdays and family events.


Hammerstein 5 | 42489 Wülfrath | Tel. 0172-2732449
Price: upon request

© Land Rover Experience Wülfrath
© Land Rover Experience Wülfrath

Land Rover Experience, Wülfrath

Teams can learn how to drive safely through rough terrain of various difficulties. In addition to acquiring off-road driving skills, a lot of action on graval roads and passages of water and sand is guaranteed.


APS GmbH Agentur für Promotion und Service
Am Sportplatz 26a | 42489 Wülfrath | Tel. 02058-7780967

Architektur des Neanderthal Museums im Frühling bei Sonnenschein
© Neanderthal Museum

Into the Stone age by Segway

A trip on a Segway through the beautiful landscape of the Neandertal awaits you. Moreover, a visit to the world-famous Neanderthal man’s place of discovery, lots of driving pleasure, a chance to prove your hunting skills with the bow and arrow and a time travel through human history in the Neanderthal Museum will complete the excursion.


booking: SEGWAY-Rheinland | Tel. 02129-3622910
Meeting point: Neanderthal Museum | Talstraße 300 | 40822 Mettmann

Gruppe beim SEGWAY-Fahren in Haan-Gruiten
© SEGWAY-Point-Haan-Rheinland

'Move & Smile' neanderland – between Stone age and modern times

A segway adventure in the Neandertal, one of the most famous archeological places of discovery in the world. Experience the landscape on the high-tech scooter of the 21st century. Thanks to individual introduction you need no previous knowledge. Hop on and enjoy an altogether new feeling of freedom.


booking: SEGWAY-Rheinland | Landstraße 47 | 42781 Haan 
Tel. 02129-3622910 |

Urtour, Ausflüge für Entdecker im Neandertal
Urtour durch das Neandertal, © Ute Stöcker

Tour through the Wild Neandertal, Mettmann

You can book a shorter or longer guided tour through the beautiful Neandertal and learn amusing and interesting facts about the valley and its history. Your guide is a Neandertal natural, who has a lot of exciting stories to share.


Ute Stöcker | Diepensiepen 11 | 40822 Mettmann | Tel. 02104-5083195
Price: depending on number of participants and desired length 50-150 €, plus catering (upon request)

Stadtmuseum Langenfeld von außen bei Sonne
Stadtmuseum Langenfeld, © Stadt Langenfeld

Guided tours through the permanent exhibition on town history, Langenfeld

Covering 180 m², the exhibition brings to life the history of Langenfeld from the stone age to the present. Completely redesigned in 2012 and 2013, it is full of modern audiovisual and interactive elements.


Hauptstraße 83 | 40764 Langenfeld | Tel. 02173-7944410
Price: 2.50 € per person

Stone age action at the Neanderthal Museum
Stone age action, © Stiftung Neanderthal Museum

Stone Age Action, Mettmann

Let the museum’s team take you on an exciting excursion through the stone age and the history of the human race. Did you know that there were ginger Neanderthal men? Test your hunting talent with bow and arrow in the museum’s garden and learn the method of fire making.


Procedure: The „Stone-Age Action“ comprises admission to the museum and a guided tour through the permanent exhibition as well as archery and kindling a fire in the museum garden. Duration: approx. 2 hours Price: from 16.43 € p. p. (for groups of 30 persons) Bookable on request from March to November
Tel. 02104-9797-15 | Fax 02104-9797-24

Group tours of the Neanderthal Museum, © Neanderthal Museum
Group tours of the Neanderthal Museum, © Neanderthal Museum

Guided tours of the Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann

Follow cleaning lady inge Kopelke, caretaker Oetschenhaus or Neanderthal lady Nani through the exhibition! On one of our highly amusing guided tours you can experience a whole new way of looking at the Stone Age and our museum.


Neanderthal Museum | Talstraße 300 | 40822 Mettmann
Tel. 02104-979715 | | buchung(at)
Price: 90 € (max. 25 persons per tour, additionally museum admission)

Stone age by GPS
Stone age by GPS, © Neanderthal Museum

Stone age by GPS, Mettmann

Discover the Neandertal in a special way: go on an archaeological treasure hunt with GPS devices, along the Düssel and through the adjacent nature reserve. Solve stone age mysteries and find a treasure in which not only Neanderthal man would take great delight. Back at the museum, follow the traces of mankind and learn how similar we really are to Neanderthal man.


Price: from 15.53 € p.p. (for groups of 30 persons or more) Bookable on request from March to November
Neanderthal Museum | Talstraße 300 | 40822 Mettmann
Tel. 02104-979715 |

Schalenschneiderkotten (Langenfeld), © Stadt Langenfeld
Schalenschneiderkotten (Langenfeld), © Stadt Langenfeld

Guided tours through the Schalenschneider-Kotten (workshop)

The manufacturer Wilhelm Jacob was the last one of his trade, producing wooden knife handles in his workshop in Langenfeld for the cutlery industry of Solingen until 1988. After his death, the workshop was thoroughly scanned for pieces of historic value and then dismantled. In the year 2007, a partial reconstruction of the workshop was opened in the Volksgarten, where the heritage is sheltered from the weathers by a modern glass building.


Volksgarten an der Düsseldorfer Straße | 40764 Langenfeld 
Tel. 02173-7944410 |
Price: 2.50 € per person
Dates: usually every first Sunday a month at 11 a.m.

Experience Nature © Astrid Walker
Experience Nature © Astrid Walker

Nature Experience with the Forest Educator, Mettmann

Explore nature with the forest educator Astrid Walker. During the forest encounter tour you will learn a lot about edible natural plants on the neanderland STEIG, for example for cooking at home or for the medicine chest. If you want to gain an insight into the world of bees, you can join a tour to find out more about these little animals that already exist since 110 million years. 


Forst Educator Astrid Walker | Dresdner Str. 13c | 40822 Mettmann
Tel. 02104-957979 |
Bookings: April – September | End of May – September
Prices upon request | Bookings required  

Kohlen im Grill für Barbecue (Lizenz: Creative Commons CC0)

Grill academy at the Kutscherhaus, Monheim am Rhein

Learn the art of grilling in the extraordinary ambiance of Marienburg whilst using highly professional equipment and untypical BBQ ingredients such as goose, pineapple and pizza.


Hofstraße 16 | Tel. 02173-2086310 | 40789 Monheim am Rhein

© Road Stop Motel, Mettmann
© Road Stop Motel, Mettmann

Barbecue courses at the Neandertal Road Stop, Mettmann

Fish, meat and vegetable specialities are barbecued on wood, coal and gas grills in a typically American atmosphere. Everyone meets afterwards at the long table to enjoy e meal together.



Marie-Curie-Straße 8 | 40822 Mettmann
Tel. 02104-2699300 |

Information panel "AuenBlicke" in Monheim am Rhein, © Kreis Mettmann
Information panel "AuenBlicke" in Monheim am Rhein, © Kreis Mettmann

AuenBlicke: Hiking in the Urdenbacher Kämpe

Certified guides („AuenErlebnisBegleiter“) offer tours and hikes on which participants can explore nature and learn about the history and ecology of this nature reserve. Seven nature trails and an „inspired by nature“-trail lead visitors through the wetlands along traditional mixed meadow orchards and pastures, atmospheric woods, and idyllic backwaters of the Rhine. Groups can book individual excursions, presentations and guided tours.


Biologische Station Haus Bürgel | Urdenbacher Weg | 40789 Monheim am Rhein | Tel. 0211- 9961212 |

Group events at the Water Skiing Facility Langenfeld, © Wasserski Langenfeld
Group events at the Water Skiing Facility Langenfeld, © Wasserski Langenfeld

Water skiing & barbecue action at the Water Skiing Facility, Langenfeld

Water skiing is not only fun on your own but also in the group. Groups can rent cable cars for exclusive use only, a profession supervision is included as well. Previous knowledge is not required.

Three fully covered barbecue areas for groups of 20 to over 100 people are available for live cooking. The ideal barbecue event for celebrations of all kinds.


Wasserski Langenfeld | Baumberger Straße 88 | 40764 Langenfeld
Tel. 02173-39462222 |
Price on request

"Surf Langenfeld" wave, © Wasserski Langenfeld
"Surf Langenfeld" wave, © Wasserski Langenfeld

Exclusive surf session on the "Surf Langenfeld" wave

The "Surf Langenfeld" wave - the world's first standing wave inside lake - can be rented exclusively for groups only. A maximum group size of 12 people is recommended. Afterwards a barbecue event can be booked at the lake.


Surf Langenfeld | Baumberger Str. 88 l 40764 Langenfeld
Tel. 02173-39462222 |
Price: For 1 hour 330,-€ incl. surfing board | Requirements: minimum age of 12 years and the ability to swim safely



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