neanderland by Mobile Home

Friends of the mobile homes and camping are welcome in neanderland too. There are parking spaces at designated sites, most of them with service facilities in the direct vicinity.


Places in Haan-Gruiten


Address: Am Steinbruch | 42781 Haan
Supply and disposal station:Fresh and waste water at Stadtwerke Haan GmbH | Leichlinger Straße 2
42781 Haan | Tel. 02129-93540 |


2 spaces in Schwarzbachstraße

Address: below Seibelquerspange in Schwarzbachstraße | 40822 Mettmann
GEO-coordinates: 51°15'13.118''N 6°58'43.554''E
Maximum stay: 48 hours
Town Center: approximately 0.2 km
Nearest grocery store: approximately 0.2 km
Nearest public transports stop: Bus stop approximately 0.2 km, train station Mettmann-Zentrum approximately 0.5 km

Reservation is not possible.




3 places on the car park of Nizza Bath


Address: Nizzatal 4 | 42555 Velbert-Langenberg
GEO-coordinates: 51°20'36.2"N 7°08'10.8"E
Maximum stay: 3 nights
Supply and disposal station: 9 km, at the Panorama Bath in Velbert-Neviges

© Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin
© Kreis Mettmann/M. Chardin

Central Velbert

6 spaces under the Saubrücke (bridge)


Address: access via Parkstraße | 42549 Velbert
GEO-coordinates: 51°20'28.5"N 7°01'48.9"E
Maximum stay: 3 nights
Parking fee: 5 € per day – Ticket machine at Park Bath (no. 99)
Cost of fresh water: free of Charge
Cost of electricity: free of Charge
Supply and disposal station: available

Velbert-Neviges: Panorama Bath

4 spaces on the car park of Panorama Bath


Address: Wiesenweg 60 | 42553 Velbert-Neviges
GEO-coordinates: 51°18'19.2"N 7°05'06.3"E
Maximum stay: 3 nights
Supply and disposal station: at the parking lot entrance

Velbert-Neviges: Mariendom

4 free spaces on the car park of the restaurant ‘Zum Parkhaus’


Address: Bernsaustraße 35 | 42553 Velbert-Neviges
GEO-coordinates: 51°18'57.8"N 7°05'12.3"E
Maximum stay: 3 nights
Supply and disposal station: 2 km, at the Panorama Bath in Velbert-Neviges


free informational material available in the restaurant


4-6 spaces on the car park of Poco Domäne


Address: Mettmanner Straße 42 | 42489 Wülfrath
GEO-coordinates: 51°16'53.5"N 7°01'37.3"E
Nearest public transports stop: 0.15 km
Town centre: 0.3 km
Nearest grocery store: 0.7 km